Before They Met

Doris was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. She graduated from the Montreal High School for Girls and at age 18, sought employment at the Toronto Dominion. Doris fell in love with her first job at the bank and with her passion and dedication she enjoyed a successful 30-year career in the industry. Doris’s first husband was from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and this led her to transfer to a Toronto Dominion in Halifax. Eventually, Doris moved to Hubbards and worked at the Bank of Nova Scotia in both Hubbards and Chester. Never one to stay idle, Doris took up volunteering after her husband passed in 1990.

Ken was born in North Sydney, Nova Scotia and has strong roots in Newfoundland, where both his parents were born. Ken grew up during the war and remembers having a paper route to make extra money at age 7. Ken joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in March of 1955 when he was a grade 11 student. He worked in accounting and served in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and overseas in France and Italy. While in the Air Force, Ken upgraded his education at night school. He completed grade 12 and took university courses at Dalhousie. After resigning from the Air Force, Ken dedicated himself to a 20-year career in the provincial court system. This job took him across thesouthern region of Nova Scotia, as Ken worked in Digby, Middleton, Annapolis Royal, Lunenburg, Yarmouth, Barrington, Shelburne, and Bridgewater.

How They Met

After retiring from their respective careers, Doris and Ken became avid volunteers. Ken was chairman of the board for the Shoreham Village Nursing Home in Chester and Doris was president of the Women’s Auxiliary and on the board for the Shoreham Village Nursing Home. Doris was in charge of Meals on Wheels and Ken was a driver – making a meeting between the two inevitable. After establishing a friendship, Ken offered to help Doris put up a clothesline and lay flooring. He discovered she had extra storage space in her garage and asked if she could store some of his furniture. Ken claims he had no ulterior motives and Doris was adamant that she was not interested in re-marrying or having a boyfriend.

Everything changed at a volunteer event held at the legion in Chester. While at this event, Ken overheard Doris mention that she did not own a black teacup and saucer. Coincidently, Ken’s mother had collected teacups and at one point in time, Ken had purchased a black teacup for her. This teacup was her favourite. The next time Ken and Doris were volunteering together, Ken handed Doris a roughly-wrapped package. Inside this package was the same black teacup that Ken’s mother had loved. The rest was history – Ken and Doris began seeing each other. They smiled when they remembered driving to volunteer events in different cars to keep their romance a secret! The happy couple married in 1999.

Moving to The Crossing – Twice!

Ken and Doris spent the next 20 years living in Chester, Wolfville, and then Kentville. As time passed, household chores and maintenance became undesirable for the couple. They began searching for a community that would allow them to downsize, connect with others, and enjoy their next chapter – without any worries. This search led Doris and Ken to The Crossing. Doris and Ken were so excited to join our growing community that they began renting here while they were waiting for their house to sell. During this time, they made lasting friendships with their neighbours.

Unfortunately, when their house didn’t sell they made the tough decision to give up their new home at The Crossing. Doris and Ken ultimately did sell their home in Kentville and before we knew it – they were back again! When asked if they were happy to be back, they replied with a laugh, “we are here and we are staying here.”

On their second move to The Crossing, Doris and Ken selected a park home on a corner lot of Goosie Loop. The couple is very pleased with their accommodations. The community members they met when they first lived here happily welcomed them back and remain close friends.

Life at The Crossing

Doris and Ken have different hobbies. Doris is an passionate sewer and quilter – she is always working on a new project! She is a lifelong hockey fan and fondly remembers watching games with her family during her youth. Ken thoroughly enjoys reading and has multiple books on the go at any given time. Doris and Ken also share hobbies. They look forward to watching The View each day if they are home and spend time walking outdoors. They will be taking advantage of the walking trails at The Crossing in the warm summer months. Doris and Ken adore the community lifestyle at The Crossing. Community members organize group outings – to go bowling, to enjoy theatre, and more – and Doris and Ken are always up for the adventure.

Doris and Ken are proud to belong to a community that is catered toward those who are 50+. They firmly believe The Crossing is an ideal community to live in from age 50 on. They are very excited for the new social center, as they will be able to continue to enjoy the activities they love with friends without leaving The Crossing! This will prevent them from having to drive in poor weather or late at night.

We’re so happy to welcome them back to our community and look forward to seeing them on their daily adventures in our happy retirement village.