Community Member Spotlight – Jackie & Tom Pothier

Happy with empty nest lifestyle at the crossing retirement community

We’re proud to welcome the founders of Falmouth, Nova Scotia’s Pothier Motors, Jackie and Tom, to The Crossing.

Jackie and Tom met and fell in love in Bedford, founded a business and raised a family in Falmouth, and have spent their retirement years proudly watching that business continue to grow and thrive under the guidance of their sons and grandson. They recently joined our growing community at The Crossing, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with them to learn more about their life together.

Happy with empty nest lifestyle at the crossing retirement community

When we arrived at their new home, we were warmly ushered in by the always well-dressed couple. We sat on their back deck to talk, which allowed us to listen to the summer rain on the roof and watch the chipmunks, or ‘chippies’, as Jackie fondly calls them, scurry about in the distance. Here is a small glimpse into their captivating life.

Introducing Jackie & Tom – Before They Met
Jackie has strong Atlantic Canadian roots, as her mother was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and her father was raised in Hampton, New Brunswick. Jackie’s mother welcomed five daughters into the world before passing away during childbirth, and Jackie and her four sisters were subsequently raised by her devoted father. Her father worked on the railroad and was transferred to Quebec, and then Bedford, Nova Scotia where the family settled and Jackie attended a catholic school.

Tom was raised in Wedgeport, a small fishing village in Yarmouth known for its abundance of tuna. At just 16, Tom joined a group of older boys as they made a trip to Halifax to enlist in the military. Hiding his age, Tom joined and served in Newfoundland before starting a bodywork career in Bedford. When asked what led him to leave the military and begin a career in bodywork, Tom flashed his famous smile and with a twinkle of mischief in his eye said, “that’s where the money was”. It was also his career in Bedford that led Tom to meet his wife of 68 years, Jackie.

How They Met
Jackie fondly remembers Tom trying to catch her gaze while she was singing in the church choir. She also recalls that Tom would coincidently appear on her road when it was time for her to walk to school. With five daughters to watch out for, Jackie’s father was very strict. Once Tom gathered the courage to ask Jackie on a date, they often had to sneak around. Discouraged with the situation, Tom walked right up to Jackie’s house, knocked on the door, and introduced himself to her father. Jackie says, “my father liked him straight away after that” to which Tom replied, “he was a great man”. After dating for one year, Jackie and Tom married in 1950 at the Saint Mary’s Church.

Moving to Windsor and Starting a Family
As newlyweds, money was tight. Jackie and Tom initially lived with Jackie’s father while Tom continued to work at a body shop in Bedford. Known for his excellent bodywork skills, Tom was soon offered, and accepted, a job working for Tom Haley at Tom Haley Dodge in Windsor. Jackie and Tom then moved to a small apartment in Windsor where they lived for about four years before starting their family. They adopted their first child, Patti, when she was 5 months’ old. Shortly after, they welcomed their second child, John, to the world. Sons Phillip and Jamie followed.

Starting Pothier Motors
Never one to stay idle, Tom used what little spare time he had outside his new job to do bodywork in his backyard for extra money. A pivotal moment occurred when Tom had to quickly repair a hearse, but couldn’t find the necessary parts. Instead of giving up, Tom decided to make the parts himself. Jackie often found Tom sleeping in that Hearse between paint jobs. Despite the stress, the hearse was completed in time and Tom received a handsome tip that the young couple used to purchase a television. Jackie proudly remembers being the first people in Hants County to own a television. It was at this moment that Tom decided to leave Tom Haley to open Pothier Motors.

The early years of Pothier Motors were tough. Tom worked around the clock on vehicles, and Jackie acted as both bookkeeper and entertainer, frequently welcoming clients into their home for sales dinners. As they lived on the same property as the dealership, there were no days off. When asked about their hobbies during these years, Jackie and Tom laughed – aside from work, they had no hobbies!

Growing Pothier Motors
Through hard work and dedication, Jackie and Tom grew Pothier Motors from a body shop to include a Volkswagen franchise, and then transitioned it to the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep franchise that is still there today. They instilled a strong work ethic and the same customer service skills into their family, and Pothier Motors is now led by three generations. In 1986, Jackie and Tom handed the reigns to their son, John, who continues to serve as president of Pothier Motors today. Their youngest son, Jamie, rejoined Pothier Motors in 2017 as a finance specialist, and their grandson, Chad, is the general manager and vice president. Their beloved son, Phillip, was Pothier Motors’ Sales Manager for many years before recently passing away. Phillip is dearly missed by his family.

Jackie and Tom are thrilled to see the business remain in the family, although Jackie admits to being ‘a bit nervous’ when Chad first mentioned plans of building a new facility. The new facility was unveiled at the 60th anniversary and grand reopening in October, 2017. An event that Jackie and Tom proudly attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

When they first retired, Jackie and Tom spent time with friends and family at their cottage and frequently vacationed in Florida – although they would often pick up boats and other items for clients of Pothier Motors while they were there! In their beautiful home in Falmouth, they enjoyed making memories with their grandchildren and great grandchildren, lovingly welcoming pets into their home, and chatting with their neighbors. Jackie was always counted on to have a jar of candy handy for the neighborhood kids, and the community excitedly anticipated Tom’s grand Christmas display each December.

Moving to The Crossing
After Tom experienced a few frightening falls on the staircase in their home, Jackie and Tom, at the encouragement of their sons, began looking to downsize. The first building they visited was an apartment building with an elevator. It was a hot day, the apartment was stuffy and uncomfortable, and the elevator was on its last legs. They weren’t impressed! Their next stop was The Crossing. They loved it instantly, and Jackie remembers saying, “this is where I want to be”.

Now that they are getting settled, they have been entertaining many friends and family members – some of whom they are encouraging to move here! They love living in a one-level home, and have become fast friends with their neighbors. They find the community very friendly, and are happy to have remained in Hants County where they are close to their family. When asked about their future plans, Jackie and Tom say they are just looking forward to relaxing and enjoying their new space. Although, Tom has already been spotted puttering around in the yard and shining up Jackie’s car in the driveway!

Welcome to our community, Jackie and Tom. We look forward to seeing you around.

Pumpkin People move into The Crossing Retirement Community

A collection of empty nest pumpkin people have moved into and been seen around The Crossing Retirement Community in Windsor NS.

Annually, following the harvest season in October a dozen or more pumpkin couples have been seen welcoming the guests and residents. The Crossing retirement community is recognized as one of Atlantic Canada’s premier retirement communities. Its residents pride themselves on their seasonal displays throughout the year.

The community offers a wide selection of 1, 2 and 3 bed mini park homes and semi-detached properties for sale and rent. Completing its 8th year of operation, the growing community is home to several hundred empty nest couples / individuals.

Open 7-days per week, The Crossing welcomes the opportunity to have you come visit and explore your options at anytime convenient for you. For more information on the homes and your empty nest retirement living options, call 902-798-8850 or visit, The Crossing Retirement Community


Pet Friendly with Walking Trails

Walking dog along the trails at The Crossing retirement community in the Annapolis Valley

One of the residents at The Crossing taking their dog for a walk along the pet-friendly walking trails that surround and run through the community.

Pumpkin people on the water at The Crossing, Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community

The Crossing is Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community. It is home to more than one hundred park and semi-detached homes that are purpose built for empty nesters  who at or near retirement.

Located in the gateway to the beautiful Annapolis Valley, The Crossing provides affordable one-level living  in an active and relaxed lifestyle community.

The Crossing Attends Senior Wellness Expo

Betty Crockett with Jim Vacheresse, sales consultants at The Crossing, Atlantic Canada’s premiere lifestyle community.

Windsor NS May 25 2016, Sales consultants from The Crossing, Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle community attended the Seniors Health and Wellness Expo hosted at the Royal Canadian Legion in Windsor NS. The event was coordinated by the Hants County Senior Safety Association providing a venue for local area seniors and 52 vendors to get together with a complimentary lunch included.

Attended by several hundred senior residents the event provided an opportunity for the attending suppliers to present their services. The gathering also provided seniors with a single point of access to view and check out the options available for their market needs.

Attendees at the Senior Wellness Expo in Windsor NS hosted by the Hants County Senior Safety Association

When asked about The Crossing’s participation at the show, Betty Crockett commented, “It’s a really good opportunity for us to meet and talk with residents in the area about their requirements for residential housing. Our community at The Crossing is focused on providing service for people that are at or near-retirement. Since this event is also focused on the senior segment, it is a really good fit for the services and homes that we provide through Brison Developments. More than anything else we sincerely enjoy getting to talk with the people here to see how our homes and service can assist them as they enter an exciting and new chapter in their lives. ”

Mitchell Brison owner and developer at Brison Developments

Owner Mitchell Brison stopped by to see how the show was progressing. He was able to provide us with an outline of the plans for the community. “The Crossing” was introduced as a premier retirement and lifestyle community 6 years ago. When we started this project it was implemented with a vision and a plan to be recognized as leaders in our region’s retired and semi-retired residential home market. Our results to date show that we’ve been successful in doing that.”

The Crossing is recognized as Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle community and is located in Garlands Crossing just outside off Windsor NS. With approximately 200 residents presently living at The Crossing its needs are ever changing.

In looking to the future Mr. Brison added “The future expansion of our community is a very exciting aspect of our development. We’ve just completed the construction of four R-2 Semi-detached units. 3 were sold before completion and new units are being constructed as we speak. We also have longer-term plans for the inclusion of 4-plex units plus two 48-unit apartment buildings. Our new units are intended to provide additional options for residents who wish to downsize and reduce the demands on their time for home maintenance while still remaining in our community.”

For more information or to view the community at The Crossing call 902-798-8850 or visit:

The Crossing and its Walking Trail – Nature Abounds

IMG_3128_ModThe Crossing, Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle community highlights some pictures of the nature that can be found along its walking trails. The sounds of the many different birds chirping along with the squirrels provides a brief glimpse into the active yet peaceful environment that exists among the residents.

IMG_3082The Crossing was introduced to the market in 2009. Since that time it has grown to become one off the premier lifestyle communities in Atlantic Canada for those at or approaching retirement.  Pet friendly with walking trails, local vegetable gardens and social neighbors, it is an ideal location for those seeking a relaxed yet active and peaceful living environment.

When speaking with existing residents you will find they moved to The Crossing for different reasons. For some it was for the purpose of downsizing the physical demands of their family home. For others it was to optimize their financial position.  Living at The Crossing has provided some residents with the option and opportunity to reduce the annual expense of home maintenance while also reducing their capital holding in their existing home.  These are just a few of the many reasons The Crossing is considered to be Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle community.

For information on the Crossing, call 902-798-8850 or email us today.