Where is the Massive 15 Foot Helium Balloon Now?

CTV News Story Retirement Community The Crossing Balloon 13Have you seen it? Do you know someone that has seen it? Last spotted at its launch pad and then traveling down the 101 highway towards Halifax at about 400 feet in the air, the massive 15 foot helium balloon has not been spotted since.

CTV News was on-site to cover the large balloon story earlier today and while people are guessing its location to be in Newfoundland, England, Scotland, Holland or sadly in the ocean, it has yet to be found.

Owner of The Crossing Mitchell Brison commented that a reward was being offered for the balloon’s safe return. “We’re offering $1,000 for the balloons safe return and there are two  reasons for this. The first one of course is that we’d like to have it here as a more permanent marketing tool for our retirement community which we consider to be Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community. The second reason is that if the balloon has been damaged or is no longer able to fly, if feasible we’d like to try and have it recovered for proper disposal. We don’t like to think that our balloon might be out there as a hazard to any type of marine or land based animals.”

The balloon has been missing for a week now and as time continues to pass hopes of its return diminish.
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If you have seen or know of the maroon balloons location, please contact The Crossing at 902-798-8850 or email The Crossing:   Home @ The-Crossing.ca