The Missing 15 Foot Helium Balloon has been Spotted!

Balloon TrackFollowing the newscast by CTV News on Tuesday evening, a call came into The Crossing Wednesday from a resident in Spry Harbour.  The caller recounted to Betty Crockett, a sales consultant at The Crossing. that she saw the Balloon on Monday night, dancing in the moonlight over Spry Harbour.  It was her opinion that the balloon was heading in a south to south westerly direction.

Ms Crockett commented, “It was really very exciting to receive the call from the woman in Spry Harbour. It’s been a week since the balloon first broke loose and to date, nobody else has seen or reported any sightings.  We’re hopeful that someone else will keep their eyes on the sky to help us find and recover our lost balloon.”

The Crossing is Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community. It purchased the 15 cubic foot helium balloon to launch as a marketing tool for its retirement community adjacent to the 101 Highway near Windsor NS. As luck with have it, when filling the balloon, the tether rope snapped and the boon soared off into the wild blue yonder.

CTV News Story Retirement Community The Crossing Balloon 13CTV news covered the story on Tuesday and weather forecaster Cindy Day weighed-in with her projection of the balloons possible path based in the prevailing wind currents.  IT is believed the balloons sighting on Monday in Spry Harbour is in line with forecast track of the balloon.

Betty Crockett, Home Consultant at The Crossing

When asked about her expectations for the balloon’s return Ms Crockett was optimistic. “It has about 15 days of helium inside so were hoping to get another spotting so that wee can recover it and bring it back to our community. With the current track and wind direction, its possible it will come back in over Nova Scotia or if it continues south, perhaps Boston or Bermuda or maybe the Azores. Either way we are hopeful and encourage anyone who spots the balloon to give us a call. ”

If you spot or have seen the large maroon balloon, contact The Crossing at: 902-798-8850 or email or visit