Fall Colors Abound at The Crossing Retirement Community

As fall descends upon Atlantic Canada, the fall colors at The Crossing retirement community in Windsor NS, are coming out in full.

The tress which line the streets of the empty nest homes were all part of the landscape package included in the properties that have become so popular with the 50 plus market.

Having just completed 8 years of operations, The Crossing offers homes for sale and rent with a focus on the retirement or near to retirement market. Homes for sale or rent include semi-detached and park mini homes.

Canada Day Fireworks at The Crossing Retirement Village

The Crossing retirement community just outside Windsor NS had a special event of a day on Canada’s 150th, celebrating with the community gathering for games, food, refreshments, dancing and…Fireworks!

Its just one of the reasons The Crossing is billed as Atlantic Canada’s Premier Retirement Community.

Stop by anytime and you can see why for yourself

New Gardens for the Season Planted at The Crossing Retirement Community

Life at The Crossing retirement community in Windsor is abundant with relaxation, activities and our own community gardens!

Photos show the farmers in the community sowing the seeds for this year’s community gardens that will include lettuce, beans, corn, squash and other crops. New apple trees have been planted and the soil prepared for blueberries!


The Crossing Attends 55 Plus Trade Show Ottawa

IMG_0506Staff from The Crossing,  Atlantic Canada’s Premier Lifestyle Retirement Community attended a trade show in Ottawa this week.  The event was held at the EY Center presenting suppliers and services that were focused on adults who were at or near retirement.

Sales consultant Betty Crockett commented ” We are really pleased to be here as many people from the Maritimes and Nova Scotia have come by to gather information on our service to come back home for their retirement. We’ve made a large volume of contact with individuals and couples and the show and look forward to them coming to visit us in our community in Windsor NS.”

The opening day estimates for the show approximate 5,000 plus people attended. The event continues today Sept 17 from 10 am to 4 pm. Continue reading “The Crossing Attends 55 Plus Trade Show Ottawa”

The Missing 15 Foot Helium Balloon has been Spotted!

Balloon TrackFollowing the newscast by CTV News on Tuesday evening, a call came into The Crossing Wednesday from a resident in Spry Harbour.  The caller recounted to Betty Crockett, a sales consultant at The Crossing. that she saw the Balloon on Monday night, dancing in the moonlight over Spry Harbour.  It was her opinion that the balloon was heading in a south to south westerly direction.

Ms Crockett commented, “It was really very exciting to receive the call from the woman in Spry Harbour. It’s been a week since the balloon first broke loose and to date, nobody else has seen or reported any sightings.  We’re hopeful that someone else will keep their eyes on the sky to help us find and recover our lost balloon.”

The Crossing is Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community. It purchased the 15 cubic foot helium balloon to launch as a marketing tool for its retirement community adjacent to the 101 Highway near Windsor NS. As luck with have it, when filling the balloon, the tether rope snapped and the boon soared off into the wild blue yonder.

CTV News Story Retirement Community The Crossing Balloon 13CTV news covered the story on Tuesday and weather forecaster Cindy Day weighed-in with her projection of the balloons possible path based in the prevailing wind currents.  IT is believed the balloons sighting on Monday in Spry Harbour is in line with forecast track of the balloon.

Betty Crockett, Home Consultant at The Crossing

When asked about her expectations for the balloon’s return Ms Crockett was optimistic. “It has about 15 days of helium inside so were hoping to get another spotting so that wee can recover it and bring it back to our community. With the current track and wind direction, its possible it will come back in over Nova Scotia or if it continues south, perhaps Boston or Bermuda or maybe the Azores. Either way we are hopeful and encourage anyone who spots the balloon to give us a call. ”

If you spot or have seen the large maroon balloon, contact The Crossing at: 902-798-8850 or email home@the-crossing.ca or visit www.the-crossing.ca



Its Harvest Time – The Crossing and its Community Gardens

Walking trails, community garden, a pond and new semi-detached homes are part of The Crossing’s ongoing development.

It’s that time of year to reap the harvest that has been sowed earlier in the season.

The Crossing, Atlantic Canada’s Premier Lifestyle Retirement Community, continued its ongoing development and expansion this year with the planting of its first two community gardens. This year’s crop is now ripe for the picking and some of the garden’s crop have already harvested completely.

Mitchell Brison, The Crossing’s owner and real estate developer is proud of the first year’s crop. He commented that “When we first began The Crossing seven years ago, it was with a vision of building a community that would appeal to those in the 55 plus age bracket that were at or near retirement. We’ve been successfully doing that now with the new park homes and now the semi-detached section of the park. We felt the time was right to reinvest in the natural infrastructure of the park and so this year we added the pond and 2 community gardens.”

The Crossing first came on the scene as a retirement community in 2009. It now boasts several hundred residents and 100+ homes in its park. It is one of the only purpose-built retirement communities in the region for right-sized, single-level independent living.

Mitchell Brison, Owner and Developer at The Crossing
Mitchell Brison, Owner and Developer at The Crossing

When asked to comment about the future of the niche market on which his retirement village was focused Mr Brison added, “It’s our intention to provide our community with a host of options for their living accommodations in their retirement years. While we started with the mini homes and have the semi-detached properties on-stream now, our future plans include the addition of garden homes for those wanting smaller, but greater independence in a detached home, plus we will add apartments and a community social center in the foreseeable future.”

He then added, “We love the community that we have here. Everybody waves and says hello and helps one another as needed. Its really about community and that’s the main focus of what we do here and in our overall business at Brison Developments and New Valley Homes – we develop communities with a community and neighborhood feel. That is our distinct difference.”

For more information on The Crossing call 902-798-8850, email home@the-crossing.ca  or stop by for a visit at 8 Merriweather Crescent in Garlands Crossing adjacent to Windsor NS. (Exit 5 off the 101 Highway).

Where is the Massive 15 Foot Helium Balloon Now?

CTV News Story Retirement Community The Crossing Balloon 13Have you seen it? Do you know someone that has seen it? Last spotted at its launch pad and then traveling down the 101 highway towards Halifax at about 400 feet in the air, the massive 15 foot helium balloon has not been spotted since.

CTV News was on-site to cover the large balloon story earlier today and while people are guessing its location to be in Newfoundland, England, Scotland, Holland or sadly in the ocean, it has yet to be found.

Owner of The Crossing Mitchell Brison commented that a reward was being offered for the balloon’s safe return. “We’re offering $1,000 for the balloons safe return and there are two  reasons for this. The first one of course is that we’d like to have it here as a more permanent marketing tool for our retirement community which we consider to be Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community. The second reason is that if the balloon has been damaged or is no longer able to fly, if feasible we’d like to try and have it recovered for proper disposal. We don’t like to think that our balloon might be out there as a hazard to any type of marine or land based animals.”

The balloon has been missing for a week now and as time continues to pass hopes of its return diminish.
Watch the CTV News Story Online

If you have seen or know of the maroon balloons location, please contact The Crossing at 902-798-8850 or email The Crossing:   Home @ The-Crossing.ca

Thank you for Celebrating our 7 Years with Us.

IMG_0593_Anniversary_Cake_7_Years_Thank youThe Crossing management and staff issued a special thank you to its residents and guests that attended its 7 year anniversary celebration and open house on July 29th.

Recognized as Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community, The Crossing began its right-sized forever home community primarily with a focus on those who are at or near retirement.

Mitchell Brison as owner and developer of The Crossing was very pleased with the weekend’s events. commenting, “We’re really very pleased with how things have progressed and how everything went on Sunday.  When this community was first started it was with a vision of creating a purpose-built retirement community with a focus on those in the 55+ bracket (at or near retirement). We seen very nice growth in our community and this summer it has continued to please us. Presently we are expanding with the addition of semi-detached homes in the community and next we’ll see the addition of garden homes, a community center and we plan to even build an apartment building or two”

With several hundred residents presently living at The Crossing there is still room for more however the home sites and homes are not available in an unlimited supply. Recently introduced this year for those that might want a little extra time is The Crossing’s reserve-a-lot plan.  For just $100 per month you can select and secure your lot while you begin the process of right-sizing, selling your home or deciding on your new home at The Crossing.

For more information, call 902-798-8850 or email:  home @ The-Crossing.ca

The Crossing Continues its Growth and Expansion

Semi-detached home for sale at The Crossing, Garlands Crossgin Windsor NS
New semi-detached homes at The Crossing, Atlantic Canada’s Premier Lifestyle Retirement Community.

The Crossing, Atlantic Canada’s premier lifestyle retirement community continues with its growth and expansion in Garlands Crossing. Presently home to several hundred retirees or those nearing retirement, The Crossing has begun development around its outer perimeter with new semi-detached homes on its Edward Drive extension.

Demand for the new homes built early in the summer resulted in 2 of them being sold before construction was completed with the other two units now sold.

The most recent construction of a semi-detached unit on the waterside is now sold. Eight more homes are under construction. One is pre-sold leaving seven available to meet increasing demand. For more information on The Crossing and its available homes please call 902-798-8850 or email Home@The-Crossing.ca.

The Crossing and New Valley Homes Attend the 34th Annual Kentville Home Show

New Valley Homes Tina Rex and Crossing Staff Jim Vacheresse
Jim Vacheresse from the Crossing and Tina Rex with New Valley Homes share a laugh with a client at the Kentville Home Show

Staff at the Crossing teamed up with sister company staff at New Valley Homes from Brison Developments this weekend to attend the Kentville Home Show in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.

The Kentville Home Show is in its 34th year of operation and features a host of companies involved in the commercial and consumer household product and service sectors. This year’s show has attracted a large number of interested visitors viewing demonstrations, products and services from more than 80 + companies in attendance. Continue reading “The Crossing and New Valley Homes Attend the 34th Annual Kentville Home Show”